Proposed new additions to the English language, by Dennis Toeppen:

Phoneticitis:  The tendency of a person to accidentally use the wrong, but 
phonetically equivalent, word in written communications. Often found in 
sloppy emails. For example, using their instead of they're, through 
instead of threw, etc. (9/02)

Cranial Rectitis: When one has his or her head up his or her behind, s/he 
is said to be suffering from cranial rectitis. This condition can be 
confirmed by asking the victim, "Is it dark, warm, and damp where you 
are?" (1/96)

Tatoozled: Anyone with tattoos on more than 10% of their skin has been 
tatoozled. (6/09)

Poo-Flingatorium: A place where you can go online to have poo flung at
you. Examples: Comments section on YouTube, comments section on CNN, Reddit.