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Please note that I apparently reversed the labeling on many of the stereo pairs because I was
working too fast. A few people received two identical frames. To identify right/left, look at 
the window at the upper left corner of the frame. The picture with just a sliver of the window
is the right frame. The picture with about 2/3 of the width of the window showing is the left

Here are some links to videos and films of Rachel Toeppen:

Last video of Rachel
Thanksgiving dinner 2018

Rachel Skiing in the early 60's, while engaged
Rachel certainly managed colors well.

Highlights from Honeymoon in May, 1963
This is a G-rated film :-)

Moving to Mt Prospect in September, 1965

October, 2018 drive with Rachel
This is a bit long, but you can hear/see Rachel a bit less than a month before she left us.

Rachel narrating home movies for documentary
A documentary filmmaker from Switzerland visited our house in 2014 to record audio and shoot film.
Unfortunately, my film of the event is awful. The lens I was using had distance marked in meters and
I was focusing as if it was marked in feet. Consequently, it's all horribly out of focus.

Mother's Day 2013 Chicago Botanic Gardens

Thanksgiving, 2018 visit with Rachel
This video doesn't contain much Rachel time and it drags on a bit at the end.

Thanksgiving 2013
This film is a bit long, but quality is high.

In a couple weeks, I'll post some additional materials. Please check back.


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