May: Grand Canyon Trip (coming soon)

Bellanca Brave at San Martin

Yosemite Valley

GGBR and San Francisco

Jim Battle's old neighborhood (to left of Hetch Hetchy aqueduct ROW)

Jack's House

Apple Campus

Net66 + Suburban Express Christmas Party


Dennis picking up a banner (hearing loss in progress)

SE banner, on the way to a football game

An SE banner, after drop


My first plane, in Puyallup, Washington

On location with Northern Exposure, the day I met the stars & got autographs

Sparkel the (dead) cat, after unsuccessful rescue from animal prison where my parents left our pets while in AK

Kentucky the Cat, interfering with the process of driving

Flash the amazing flying beagle, on her way to Champaign after a short prison term


My fourth bus, sometime in 1990?

Regina VIA Station, ca 1 am after last minute trip from Champaign to catch last run of VIA's Canadian

The eastbound Canadian at Regina, stopping to pick up passengers while I wait for the Westbound (2 am ish)

In the dining car on the Canadian. Jackie, Bill, others.

One of the Dome cars on the Canadian

In the Dome/Lounge/Observation car

Group of happy travellers at end of line in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC VIA Station (not too shabby)

Last run of VIA RDC to Courtenay, BC

HMS Lady Rose, a small coastal freight/passenger ship. Took a 7 hour (or so) ride as she delivered lumber, fuel, food to small villages.

That's Gopher and Captain Stubing helping with the gangway


My third bus. Piece of shit.



Some little painting everyone seemed to like

Mmmm, topless beach. Cannes, France.

Yachts in Monaco

Dachau Concentration Camp

Ok, this gave me the willies.

Fussen, Germany. Where clumsy girlfriend tore a tendon.

(more 88 to come, i'm tired of typing filenames)


An elk sticking its tongue out at a French tourist on Hurricane Ridge, in Olympic National Park (near Port Angeles, WA)

Drunken roomates and Carol

1987 SE Christmas Party

Long Ago

My ex-Rock Island Fairmont M19 motorcar. In storage in Caledonia, IL with sibling M9 from CNW

Bob Atherton riding on M19